Moving Tips from the Pros

If you’re looking for helpful advice on planning your next move, you’ve come to the right place. A-Rocket Moving & Storage has seen pretty much everything over the last 6 decades, and we want to help you make you move as stress-free and smooth as possible.

Read on for our recommendations on when to schedule your move, important things to keep in mind as you prepare for moving day, and commonly overlooked items. Enough people have made moving mistakes so that you don’t have to!

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How to Plan a Move – A Simple Overview

Schedule Your Move

Timing matters. We recommend that you schedule your move with A-Rocket approximately 1-3 weeks before your planned move date.

Why this range? After tracking and completing thousands of moves, we know that customers who book their moves early are less likely to run into last-minute complications associated with their relocation. More lead time helps everyone plan and execute the move successfully. It also frees you up to deal with the little things that sometimes pop up in the final week or two, including last-minute packing, managing service cancellations, and making arrangements for your new home or office.

Can we handle moves with less notice? Of course, but we advise against it for the reasons stated above. Fill out the “Request a Quote” form to check this item off your list!

Everything Goes!

People planning for a move can easily forget to consider the “out of sight, out of mind” items. For a typical Houston homeowner, these can include items stored away in attics, crawlspaces, garages, outdoor sheds, and under the stairs. And don’t forget the items in your yard! Patio furniture, potted plants, playground equipment, lawn decor, fixtures and even outdoor grills are sometimes overlooked as you concentrate on what’s inside the house.

On the other hand, you may need to start setting aside things that you won’t be taking into your new home. If you have items that you won’t be keeping, make a decision about how you will get rid of them. We recommend donating or selling usable items to someone willing to take them off your hands.

Ways to Donate
These are among the most popular organizations accepting donations of household goods.
Ways to Sell
If you’re looking to sell items, consider listing them on one of these platforms*.

Donating or selling usable items keeps them out of our landfills.

When an item is destined for the trash, know ahead of time how you’ll handle its disposal. Even getting rid of stuff can require planning:
  • Oversized/heavy trash collection in your neighborhood may only be available at limited times during the month.
  • No regular collection? You may need to arrange for haul-away of large items.
  • Your garbage and recycling bins have a limited capacity. You may need to pace your trash disposal over several days or weeks to avoid leaving a mountain of trash on moving day.

Make it “Move-Safe”

Pay attention to the small things. When it comes to large appliances, specialized equipment and industrial goods, consult the owner’s manual for any instructions that may spell out requirements for disconnecting, moving, packing, handling or storing these items. These requirements may include locking sensitive hardware, draining fluids (including oil or fuel), maintaining the item in an upright position (or allowing enough time for settling if transported flat), and other precautions meant to protect your property.

*A-Rocket provides these external links for informational purposes only. Use at your own risk. We assume no responsibility for your experience on those sites, and you are solely responsible for protecting yourself and your property.

Remember the Essentials!

When you hire A-Rocket Moving & Storage, you are working with a team of seasoned moving professionals committed to providing a stress-free moving day experience. However, for the big day, you might want to pack a special bag containing “essentials” that you’ll need during the move. These include:
  • Prescription medications
  • Phone and portable electronics
  • Important phone numbers you may need on hand
  • Battery chargers (and power banks)
  • Toothbrushes/toothpaste
  • Contact lens supplies
  • Snacks to get you though the move. This list isn’t complete, but we hope you get the idea.

You’ll be surprised at how many people stuff these essentials into random boxes at the last minute, then have a difficult time locating these items when they need them. Some people like to set aside a small box for these things, but it’s often more convenient to put them into a travel bag that is easy to keep close at hand.

Why should you choose A-Rocket for you next move?

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  • Protective Wrap/Padding throughout Move
  • Packing and Unpacking Services
  • Short-Term and Long-Term Storage Available
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